Slab Registration

Vertical measurements should be taken using the Hand Held meter as shown above.

  • one vertical reading either side of the cube 25% of the distance between the edge of the cube;
  • the number of readings per slab will depend on the number of cubes per slab;
  • readings from a minimum of 4 slabs should be taken and recorded;
  • no gutter rows, outside rows or slabs in extreme conditions (end slabs);
  • it is important that these readings are recorded and stored in a way that the data can be used.

The point of this way of measuring is to get a quick view of the condition of the slab.

  • are they too wet or to dry?
  • is the variation too much within the slab and from slab to slab and if so why?
  • are the water content and EC at the target levels you have set for the slab?
  • is the trend of these readings going up or down?
  • the Framework is designed to minimize the variation in the rooting zone.

Time of measuring

  • to be representative the measurements should be taken at the same time of day and ideally at the same time related to a watering;
  • it is useful if possible to measure before the first round goes on in the morning as this will be when the bottom of the slab will be at its dryest.

If possible record these figures in a spreadsheet in a way that a graph can also be produced to show the progression of these readings.

Valves V30 V31 V32 V33 V34 V35 V36 V37
WC Av 60 66 62 70 57 66 68 66
WC lowest 50 61 58 68 53 62 55 59
EC average 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.4 3.5 3.4 3.6 3.3